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Our latest preprint on cell type mapping is now available on bioRxiv.
This work was a collaboration with the Hjerling-Leffler and Sullivan labs. Some of the most exciting findings relate to Parkinsons disease: we discover genetic associations with most the celltypes known to degenerate in the disease (suggesting this occurs cell autonomously) but also discovered a new link to Oligodendrocytes…


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Understanding the function of a tissue requires knowing the spatial organization of its constituent cell types. In the cerebral cortex, …

Striatal locally projecting neurons, or interneurons, act on nearby circuits and shape functional output to the rest of the basal …

Synapses are found in vast numbers in the brain and contain complex proteomes. We developed genetic labeling and imaging methods to …

Intelligence is highly heritable and a major determinant of human health and well-being. Recent genome-wide meta-analyses have …

The postsynaptic proteome of excitatory synapses comprises ~1,000 highly conserved proteins that control the behavioral repertoire, and …

The genetic mechanisms regulating the brain and behaviour across the lifespan are poorly understood. We found that lifespan …

The cell types that trigger the primary pathology in many brain diseases remain largely unknown. One route to understanding the primary …

Behavioural adaptation to psychological stress is dependent on neuronal plasticity and dysfunction at this cellular level may underlie …


Datasets associated with 2018 Nature Genetics paper with data on CA1, cortex, hypothalamus, striatum and midbrain


R package for calculating cell type enrichments from rare variants/transcriptomes/proteomes

R package for calculating cell type enrichments GWAS Summary Statistics using MAGMA

R package for finding 1:1 homologs between species